Aviation / Public Transportation

Netta Architects has a proven history of developing long-term and sustainable aviation and public transportation design solutions for diverse markets, from large international airports to general aviation airfields.

Our multi-discipline team of experienced aviation and public transportation experts works collaboratively with you to develop the right solutions that fit the needs, budget and schedule of your project. We plan and coordinate with your team as well as the FAA, tenants and ..

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Corporate Interiors

Corporate Interiors is no longer about products; it’s about the relationship between a brand and its audience. As a leading global design agency, we harness the power of content and space in equal measure to create experiences..

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Government creates connections between people. They connect each other with buildings, law, code updates, security centers and each other. The government was created to serve the community by enhancing the living experience. As the American Citizens experiences and expectations shift, the government must find new ways to keep citizens connected, safe and comfortable through experiences and spaces designed to thoughtfully meet their needs. Our knowledge has been gained through our experience..

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Netta Architects Healthcare Studio, under the leadership and direction of Daniel Schunkewitz, RA., brings over 30 years of healthcare planning, programming, design, and interiors excellence to our clients in the healthcare industry. Supported by a passionate staff of architects, health care planners, and interior designers, Mr. Schunkewitz adheres to his guiding principle that collaboration and innovation are essential components in creating patient-centered healing environments that exude l..

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Historic Restoration

Netta is one of the traditional architectural historic restoration firms in the country. Historic preservation, we are a single source for interior and exterior restoration. Our highly skilled team remains committed to bringing architects and designers that respect a structure’s history and allow us to be its responsible professionals. Even if the public will never know the exact, precise work done to restore a façade.

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Netta Architects hospitality design predicts what’s ensuing for your next vacation or travel. Our core designers begin by asking: what will keep guests coming back for the next ten years or more? At Netta, we deliver creativity and judgment with personalized service. At Netta, we design critical escapes that wonder guests in locations ranging from remote resorts to dynamic urban centers.

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K-12 / Higher Education

Netta Architects K-12 Educational Studio, under the leadership of Larry Uher, RA., AIA., brings over 20 years of master planning, programming to our clients in the K-12 industry. Supported by a passionate staff of architects, Netta Architects aims to create educational environments that are responsive to the curriculum, integrated into the educational programming and efficient for the faculty and staff educational specification, facility improvement, and architectural design services.  Nett..

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Netta Architects has extensive experience in library planning and design.  Our range of library projects extends from new and renovated municipal libraries to major K-12 and higher educational facilities.  Netta Architects believes that all of our library projects have similar needs: that is to create a social space that can also serve as a technology center, a business incubator and a conversational forum for its users.  Our libraries are designed to meet the latest in security, computer..

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Multi-Family / Student Housing

Netta Architects has extensive experience in the design and construction of multifamily, student housing and mixed-use residential projects. Our wide ranging experience includes:

  • Transforming industrial sites into vibrant transit-oriented communities
  • Design of luxurious mixed-use, multi-family developments
  • Utilization of Public Private Partnerships in the development of student housing
  • Affordable NJHMFA tax-credit housing
  • ..
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Public Safety

A lot like Government, Public Safety creates a need for protection between people. Public Safety connects the government and communities with government buildings such as; police precincts/centers, firehouses, rescue-squad stations, court facilities, security centers and many more. Public safety was created to serve the community by protecting the living experience. As society grows larger and expectations grow higher the communities protection is more required from external forces. Public ..

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Sports & Recreation

Netta Architect sports and recreation studio design never holds quiet. The design requirements of sports and recreation facilities are constantly changing due to new innovations, directions, technologies and the expanding expectations and developing trends within the industry.

Netta Architects uses its strong record of creating facilities that meet the needs of all athletes and casual fitness fanatics with an unrivaled passion for competition, recreation, and wellness.

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